Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ok, who doesn't like making things by melting them in the oven?! Shrinkydinks™!(They're totally going to sue me after this...) Do you remember these? Sorta like "Fimo" except it shrinks when heated instead of simply hardening? So many possibilities, particularly since plastics and many different forms of fabrication are becoming much more accessible to DIY types... Can I be honest with you? (for once?) The Shrinkydinks website creeps the shit outta me... They refer to their shrinking plastic technology as "magic" and offer a video (strangely reminiscent of a Mitt Romney campaign ad) that explains how shrinking plastic in the oven with your family can cure the "ills" that affect American society... um... Well, seriously, check it out for yourself... The kids in the video are sorta creepy too, I'm just warning you... You think your rubber stamping is so great, don't you Ariana!

Ok, my point you ask? You can make your own! Help end the fascist tyranny of Shrinkydinks and their oppressive monopoly of shrinking (semi-toxic) plastic! The trick? Number 6 plastic. Its ubiquitously available and (in places such as NY) non-recyclable... This makes the stuff ideal for various craft/DIY projects... It's really versatile stuff and there's really no limit to what you could make with it... Christine from Etsy labs (and Iheartmoustaches) offers a video on making... Plastic moustaches! Personally, I prefer the sharpie and first-finger method... But this is a great little video post that explains how to handle this plastic and how to get started making things out of this stuff... Have fun!

Here's the link by way of Imakethings...

And of course here's the link to the creepy Shrinkydinks video I was talking about... *shudder*...

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